Obama: What Did You Think Was Going To Happen?

Don’t get me wrong; Michelle Bachman is a lunatic. But in regards to Barrack Obama failing the black and hispanic communities, she also happens to be right.

This is not to rag on Obama because unemployment rates for these blacks and Hispanics have risen to disastrous proportions – which they have. Nor do I intend to beat my keyboard until my hands are broken because unemployment is now higher with Obama than it was with Bush who, if you are to believe renowned scholar Kayne West, hates black people. Nor do I wish to bemoan the travesty that all this is happening while Wall Street reaped record profits in 2010. Yes, the same Wall Street that nearly drove the country into disaster three years ago.

Harvard Professor in Race Relations

What worries me most is that the black community thought Obama was going to take office and improve all our lives. His nebulous call for “Change” (change with no specifics given at any point during the campaign) would apply to every man, woman and child in the United States – particularly those of a similar complexion.

I suppose it is a heartening that we, as a people, have been so far removed from any real, dangerous racism (although not entirely) that our lack of cynicism allowed us to ignore that if Obama had shown any real wish to improve inner-city conditions, his campaign financing would have vanished entirely. Or worse. Just ask Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy how Big Business feels about progression.

If electing Obama has shed light on anything it is that the black community has eschewed critical thinking for an archaic tribal protectionist mentality. A form of homerism we see repeatedly in sports. We support Tyler Perry and his godawful cinematic abortions solely because he is black; we supported O.J. after he murdered two people for the same reason(and was good at football); and yes, we voted in a man who long ago sold his soul to the banking industry because we thought Obama’s “blackness” actually meant a damn thing.

*** Sidebar: Is Tyler Perry really the best we have? Where are all the black directors? I might have only been 10 when it came out but we need more Boys in the Hood.

O.J. was really, really good. In 1973, he rushed for 2,003 yards while the man in 2nd place finished with 1,114. O.J.’s ’73 season was the single most dominant season by a running back. I’m sure of it.***

Whenever I voice any displeasure about the U.S. tripling up on wars of aggression in the Middle East despite Obama’s promises to withdraw, I’m asked “would you rather it be McCain?” My answer is always “I wouldn’t know the fucking difference!” Nobody would.

OK. Maybe a slight difference

Besides, his policies are secondary – though they cast a terrifying glow on the media who rationalize these policies while burning Bush alive for identical ones. What matters is that almost every black person voted for him automatically (96% of black voters) because he was black as well. When an entire ethnic group shortcuts their cognitive reasoning on an institution as important as Presidential Elections, we should all be terrified.

Splash a black varnish on anything and we will line up behind out of some misguided idea that to progress as a people we must endorse all things black no matter how bad or disagreeable this thing is. It reeks of something Orwellian and vaguely racist – though surely this form of racism will go unreported. We are sickened by Tea Partiers and deep south Republican strongholds for leaning heavily toward white candidates – which, of course, is true. But by engaging in the same behavior ourselves we are (i) approving of their racism or (ii) living a double standard, knowing we are safe from having the media microscope shined on us. Whichever it is, I’m not ok with it.

I’ll try not to sprain my ankle jumping down from this soap box but before I do we need to start examining the issues our Presidential Nominees stand for instead of imprinting our own on the candidates who look most like us.

P.S. I, truly and without derision, want to know what it was the black community thought Obama was going to do for us? Anyone thoughts?

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