T’Wolves Draft Pick Lies About Age

I thought we men only started lying about our age once we hit 40 but were too shameless to stop trying to pick up 18-year-olds at the bar. Or a plot of a romantic comedy. I’m pretty sure Drew Barrymore starred in a movie where we all pretended a 40-year-old woman with 10 solid years of drug addiction under her belt could pass for a high school student.

It begs the following questions:

  • Can we officially give the worst active GM award to David Khan? How does something like this happen? I couldn’t lie my way into a $9.25/hr telemarketing job back in ’97 but it workds on a professional sports franchise?
  • Hopefully this will shed some additional light on how NBA teams are losing money. Complain as they might about players seeking exorbitant salaries, it’s clear that owners could avoid losing so much cash if they stopped hiring idiot GMs who don’t know how to conduct a Google search on someone they aim to employ.
  • How many more times does Oden have to blow out his knee before we’re ready to admit he’s 46 years old?

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