Obama at the Airport

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Like an 18-year-old runaway on the casting couch minutes before her first porn shoot, I await with a mixture of excitement and trepidation as I prepare to cross through airport security. Sure, I’m going to be violated by a husky man in a crew cut, and we’ll both probably lose a bit of our souls in the process, but once I step foot on European soil – moments before my wallet and  passport are lifted by a gypsy child – it’ll all be worth it. Kind of.

So, I’m catching up on news, columns, etc. and, as expected, there was yet another flowering piece on Obama and just how close he is to a caramel Jesus. I don’t even want to link to it. I’ve never been so angry at a news story since I read Kim Kardashian was marrying Kris Humphreys. No, I’m not sure that’s how you spell his name and I won’t waste my time looking it up. Anyway, I just quickly want to make a point before the TSA Agent snaps on his plastic gloves and takes me to the Calgary International Airport Champagne Room for a…deeper inspection.

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