RIP Jack Layton

Jack Layton on the 5th anniversary of his lead...

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As disappointed – and terrified for our future – I was after watching the Conservatives roll to a majority government in May, a part of me went to sleep happy knowing that the NDP become the Official Opposition. Though it was truthfully a hollow victory – being the opposition to a majority government bought and paid for by the financial institutions is like having a Nascar driver in the passenger seat while Nick Hogan‘s driving. Although he’s not going to save you, you feel a bit better having him there – the man who was largely responsible for this achievement, is dead

Jack Layton has lost his battle with cancer, dying Monday morning at his home, surrounded by those closest to him.

The charismatic, 61-year-old politician had recently stepped down as federal NDP leader, but had expressed hope that he would return when Parliament resumed next month.

But on Monday, Canadians learned that was not to be.

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Out of all the party leaders I’ve watched since becoming interested in politics – for whatever reason – he is without a doubt the only one who appeared to care about issues affecting the average Canadianinstead of the financial sector and the super-rich  like most politicians. He was, in other words, the politician Barack Obama promised us he would be. And we all know how well that’s going.

It’s too bad, that after years of running the campaign best suited to the average Canadian‘s interest, and having them vote Conservative year after year anyway because…well who knows why Canadians have such loyalty to Stephen Harper, that he’s gone just as soon as he had arrived at a place he could make substantial difference.


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